Artist’s Date: Hemming Dresses

Blue Dress Collage

Occasionally I’ll get beautiful clothes that don’t quite fit my aesthetic.  I happily accept them, put them in a box and wait until I have a few hours.  Then I measure, cut, iron and hem by hand because I am terrified of my sewing machine.    At the end of a typically two to four hour period (depending on the item) I have something new for my wardrobe!

This week I decided to spend my artist’s date altering dresses.  I have the great honor of being invited to four weddings this summer and need some new dresses for them.  I also need some work appropriate dresses for the library where we don’t have air conditioning.  An incredibly generous woman from my church gave me two gorgeous summer dresses last fall–gorgeous but too long.  It’s always amazing to me the difference that simply hemming can make for a dress.  I added belts to the after pictures as well because that’s how I plan to wear the dresses.

Black Dress Collage

Because artist’s date are about creativity and nurturing I will not discuss any errors I made during the process.  Instead I’ll bask in the wonderful feeling of owning two new dresses and dreaming of summer when I can finally wear them outside.

5 thoughts on “Artist’s Date: Hemming Dresses”

  1. OK, afraid of the sewing machine? I found the user’s guide. Send me the address again and I’ll mail it to you! Great job re-purposing, but sewing machines are there to make it easier! Luv ya, R
    PS Hi to Matt!

    1. Wow!! a must read Few tips that I personally foollw would like to share in here Take your holy jeans, a sewing needle, and some thread. When choosing the color of thread, consult your inner fashion designer. (We all have one somewhere.) If you want the thread to show when you’re finished sewing, then choose a color of thread that would look great with the rest of the stitches on the jeans. If you don’t want the thread to show, then choose a color similar to the fabric of the jeans.Trust me it works .!!

    1. Jun22 BarbaraI,too, just came across your blog. I like your ideas even tuohgh I can’t wear a lot of them due to health problems (and being older, I’m 52). I do look forward to seeing what you’ll come up with next :o)

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