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NEAC13: Thoughts, Reflections and Prayers

10612_10151669705941421_78436591_n(A Business Note:  If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your church please email me at p.freydavis at gmail.  We can figure out everything else from there.  Thanks!)

On the evening of Thursday, June 13th I posted these words to my facebook timeline: “The kitten of fear and anxiety has curled up and taken permanent residence in my chest.  Occasionally it stretches and claws it’s way up my throat.”  It was a bizarre thing to post, but I was feeling a bizarre kind of fear.  Most of the time my nerves take the form of violent trembling, light-headedness and rapid breathing I have to fight to slow.  Not Thursday evening.  Not the entirety of last week, actually.  Instead I was unable to sleep, the pain in my chest a distraction only from my nausea.  I’ve been to the New England UMC Annual Conference almost every year since I was twelve years old but I had never felt like this before.

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